XVIII Tourism

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. What is tourism? B. Domestic destinations C. International destinations D. Careers in the tourism industry

  • (1) The student gains additional academic knowledge and skills required to pursue the full range of career and postsecondary educational opportunities within the hospitality services industry.
    • (A) apply advanced reading, writing, and mathematical skills necessary to perform job tasks in the hospitality industry
    • (D) apply multiple time zones, climate, and seasons to create travel products
    • (E) gather information from domestic and international sources using tools such as the Internet and maps to plan travel to other countries
    • (F) examine cultural differences of other areas, regions, and countries
  • (2) The student uses listening, oral, written, and media communication skills in creating, expressing, and interpreting information and ideas, including technical terminology and information.
    • (F) design and present a marketing tool to promote a hospitality product that may contribute to the local economy
  • (5) The student uses information technology tools specific to hospitality service careers to access, manage, integrate, and create information.
    • (B) research website information on hospitality service operations
  • (12) The student uses technological knowledge and skills required to pursue careers in travel and tourism.
    • (A) develop technical vocabulary to enhance customer service
    • (B) compare and contrast diverse transportation and lodging options to increase customer choices
    • (C) examine elements of a dining experience expected to satisfy guests at varied facilities such as a boardwalk vendor, cruise ship, chain restaurant, and a five-star dining facility
    • (D) integrate various and diverse elements of the travel and tourism industry to create a personalized travel experience for a customer
    • (E) evaluate and compare services and products from related industries

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