V Three to Five

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Physical milestones B. Nutritional guidelines C. Safety and wellness D. Physical fitness E. Impact of social factors on learning F. Stages of emotional development G. Child abuse and prevention H. Family structure changes I. Brain structure J. Major theorists K. Explanation of major theories using real world examples L. Critique of major theories M. Use of theory to predict and explain individual and group behavior and guidance techniques

  • (4) The student understands the development of children ages three through five years.
    • (A) analyze the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of preschoolers
    • (B) analyze various developmental theories relating to preschoolers
    • (C) discuss the influences of the family and society on preschoolers
    • (D) summarize strategies for optimizing the development of preschoolers, including those with special needs
    • (E) determine techniques that promote the health and safety of preschoolers
    • (F) determine developmentally appropriate guidance techniques for preschoolers


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