II The Hospitality Employee

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Personal ethics B. Industry standards and procedures C. Safety and health at the workplace

  • (3) The student applies work ethics, employer expectations, interaction with diverse populations, and communication skills in the workplace.
    • (A) illustrate how personal integrity affects human relations on the job
    • (B) demonstrate characteristics of successful working relationships such as teamwork, conflict resolution, self-control, and ability to accept criticism
    • (C) analyze employer expectations
    • (D) demonstrate respect for the rights of others
    • (E) demonstrate ethical standards
    • (F) comply with organizational policies and procedures
  • (6) The student applies the use of self-development techniques and interpersonal skills to accomplish objectives.
    • (A) identify and practice effective interpersonal and team-building skills involving situations with coworkers, managers, and customers
    • (B) apply leadership and career development skills through participation in activities such as career and technical student organizations
  • (7) The student applies concepts and skills related to safety in the workplace.
    • (A) identify and apply safe working practices
    • (B) solve problems related to unsafe work practices and attitudes
    • (C) explain Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations in the workplace
    • (D) analyze health and wellness practices that influence job performance
  • (5) The student applies ethical behavior standards and legal responsibilities within the workplace.
    • (B) apply responsible and ethical behavior

D. Personal money management

  • (8) The student evaluates personal attitudes and work habits that support career retention and advancement.
    • (F) determine effective money management and financial planning techniques


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