XI TDLR Licensing Fees; Completion Of Practical Assignments

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. TDLR licensing requirements B. Renewal fees and continuing education hours C. Following PSI candidate information bulletin for exam procedures D. Completing practical assignments set forth by TDLR

  • (1) The student consolidates the employability characteristics of a successful worker in the workplace.
    • (A) evaluate leadership skills within a community setting to maintain positive relationships that enhance personal care business opportunities
    • (B) estimate cost-effective resources to assist with planning the delivery of services
    • (D) assess time-management principles and techniques to achieve objectives and effectively serve clients
    • (E) create and maintain records, including electronic records, of client services using safeguarding procedures to store and retrieve personal care client information
    • (F) integrate logical reasoning in a variety of ethical workplace situations in order to make sound decisions
    • (G) assess written organizational policies and procedures to help employees perform their jobs according to employer rules and expectations


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