VII. Properties of Hair and Scalp

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Types of hair loss and causes; options for hair loss treatment B. Hair growth, growth patterns, structure of the hair, hair loss, and treatments C. Hair and scalp disorders commonly seen in the salon, which can be treated by the cosmetologist D. Disorders of the scalp E. The three layers of the hair shaft F. The three types of side bonds in the cortex G. The process of hair growth

  • (2) The student combines academic skills with cosmetology requirements.
    • (A) apply principles of biology, identifying living tissues, cells, and organisms to provide and select safe and effective personal care products and services
    • (B) classify and apply principles of chemistry and explain the composition, structure, and properties of substances and of chemical processes to provide a broad range of personal care services
    • (C) examine and apply basic principles of human anatomy to determine areas of potential problems and provide customized personal care services
    • (D) appraise marketing principles when selecting and using media to attract and retain clientele
  • (3) The student applies the rules and regulations established by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
    • (A) review and implement emergency policies and procedures regarding health and safety
    • (B) research risks and potentially hazardous situations to maintain a clean record of safety when providing personal care services
    • (C) perform at least one-third of practical applications as required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation or the governing body
  • (4) The student describes the function and operates the tools, equipment, technologies, human resources, and materials used in cosmetology.
    • (A) locate and compare vendor and sole-source provider resources to maximize benefits for personal care clients, businesses, or organizations
    • (B) plan the range of personal care resources needed for business practice in order to access resources at appropriate times
    • (C) plan and maintain the range of human resources needed for efficient business practice
  • (5) The student integrates the academic and technical knowledge and skills for cosmetology to simulated and actual work situations.
    • (A) analyze and guide individuals in recognizing concerns and making informed decisions to select personal care services
    • (B) create an individualized plan that reflects client preferences, needs, and interests in order to follow a course of treatment or action
    • (C) apply time-management principles and techniques to achieve objectives and effectively serve clients
    • (D) review client satisfaction with solutions, procedures, and products to enhance future services and interactions


  • Milady’s Standard: Cosmetology, Cengage Learning, Inc./Delmar Learning, 2004 – Chapter 9

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