III Professional Ethics and Legal Responsibilities

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Laws and regulations B. Work ethics

  • (10) The student recognizes and models work ethics and legal responsibilities.
    • (A) understand and comply with laws and regulations specific to the food service industry
    • (B) demonstrate a positive work ethic

C. Safety in culinary arts D. Workplace conditions and safety hazards E. Sanitation in the professional kitchen F. Preventing food hazards G. Food sanitation and certification

  • (9) The student explains how employees, guests, and property are protected to minimize losses or liabilities.
    • (A) determine basics of safety in culinary arts
    • (B) assess workplace conditions and identify safety hazards
    • (C) determine the basics of sanitation in a professional kitchen
    • (D) assess food hazards and determine ways to prevent food hazards
    • (E) prepare for a state or national food sanitation certification or other appropriate certifications


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