V Personal Employability Skills/Career Resources

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Interpersonal skills B. Management practices C. Problem solving

  • (4) The student analyzes factors influencing employability skills.
    • (A) evaluate interests, abilities, and personal priorities related to career choices
    • (B) apply the decision-making process to career selection
    • (C) demonstrate effective verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills
    • (D) demonstrate positive human relations skills
    • (E) demonstrate appropriate grooming, appearance, and etiquette for volunteer activities
    • (F) exhibit ethical practices as defined for designated volunteer activities
    • (G) describe community service experiences that contribute to career preparation
    • (H) analyze future trends in community service
    • (I) determine employment and entrepreneurial opportunities related to community service
    • (J) design a public relations campaign promoting volunteer activities


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