II Meaningful and Relevant Service

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Volunteerism B. Reflection

  • (3) The student develops and implements community service activities.
    • (A) identify service projects applicable to a community
    • (B) integrate student interest, abilities, and skills with appropriate community service projects
    • (C) plan, develop, and implement volunteer activities that will benefit individuals, families, or the community
    • (D) generate ideas and gather information relevant to a family and community services project keeping careful records of outside sources
    • (E) demonstrate proficient use of volunteer skills
    • (F) demonstrate safety practices related to community service or volunteer activities
    • (G) demonstrate increasing ability to perform higher-order thinking skills through organizing and performing community service
    • (H) practice techniques to ensure completion of a community service project
    • (I) cite evidence of personal development through performing community service activities
    • (J) evaluate the effectiveness of implemented activities


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