VII Management Skills

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Critical reading and writing

  • (1) The student applies advanced reading, writing, mathematics, and science skills for the food service industry.
    • (A) compose industry appropriate documents
    • (C) calculate correctly using numerical concepts such as percentages and estimation in practical situations, including weights and measures
    • (G) calculate and manage food costs

B. Culinary math

  • (4) The student develops principles in time management, decision making, effective communication, and prioritizing.
    • (C) analyze the importance of balancing a career, family, and leisure activities

C. Scientific concepts

  • (2) The student integrates listening, writing, and speaking skills using verbal and nonverbal communication to enhance operations, guest satisfaction, and professional development.
    • (A) create formal or informal presentations
    • (B) properly answer business phones
    • (C) write instructions for a specific restaurant or culinary procedure or the use of a piece of equipment
    • (D) attend and participate in a staff meeting


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