V Healthy Work Environment

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Evaluating the work environment B. Functional work environment 1. Flow of work stations 2. Arrangement of equipment 3. Ergonomics C. Emotionally safe work environment 1. Diversity 2. Discrimination 3. Sexual harassment 4. Non-threatening environment

  • (5) The student establishes a physically and psychologically healthy environment to inspire client confidence in services provided.
    • (A) identify locations suitable to offer human services safely such as accessibility to transportation, safety, and security of the location
    • (B) incorporate a functional work environment, equipment needs, and required utilities for offering human services
    • (C) create a psychologically suitable environment such as implementing elements of a non-threatening environment or using social skills needed for a diverse population
    • (D) employ emergency procedures as necessary to provide aid in workplace accidents
    • (E) employ knowledge of response techniques to create a disaster and emergency response plan


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