V Guest Services

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Industry vocabulary B. Selling process C. Marketing research D. Cultural diversity

  • (11) The student uses technical knowledge and skills required to pursue careers in the travel and tourism industry.
    • (A) develop job specific technical vocabulary
    • (B) use marketing techniques to sell products and services
    • (C) evaluate current and emerging technologies to improve guest services
    • (D) use different types of payment options
    • (E) analyze customer service concepts
    • (F) evaluate customer service scenarios
    • (G) describe how customer service affects a company’s bottom line
    • (H) develop an awareness of cultural diversity to enhance travel planning by exploring differences in social etiquette, dress, and behaviors of different countries
    • (J) demonstrate knowledge of destination and attraction planning and development, including the use of organizations such as convention and visitor’s bureaus and state tourist boards


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