II Employability and Career Development

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Career opportunities in restaurant management B. Education and training

  • (1) The student gains academic knowledge and skills required to pursue the full range of career and postsecondary education opportunities within the restaurant industry.
    • (A) organize oral and written information
    • (C) calculate correctly using numerical concepts such as percentages and estimations in practical situations
    • (D) infer how scientific principles are used in the restaurant industry
  • (2) The student uses verbal and nonverbal communication skills to create, express, and interpret information for providing a positive experience for guests and employees.
    • (A) develop, deliver, and critique presentations
    • (C) demonstrate proper techniques for answering restaurant phones
    • (D) interpret verbal and nonverbal cues to enhance communication with coworkers, employers, customers, and clients
    • (E) apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information
  • (7) The student uses leadership and teamwork skills in collaborating with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.
    • (A) apply team-building skills
    • (B) apply decision-making and problem-solving skills
    • (C) determine leadership and teamwork qualities to aid in creating a pleasant working atmosphere
    • (D) participate in community leadership and teamwork opportunities to enhance professional skills
  • (4) The student uses information technology tools specific to restaurant management to access, manage, integrate, and create information.
    • (E) evaluate Internet resources for information
  • (9) The student demonstrates an understanding that personal success depends on personal effort.
    • (A) demonstrate a proactive understanding of self-responsibility and self-management
    • (B) identify behaviors needed to be employable and maintain employment such as positive work ethics and positive personal qualities
    • (C) analyze the effects of health and wellness on employee performance
    • (D) implement stress-management techniques
    • (E) follow directions or procedures independently
  • (10) The student develops principles in time management, decision making, effective communication, and prioritizing.
    • (B) analyze various steps in the career decision-making process
    • (C) discuss the importance of balancing a career, family, and leisure activities
  • (12) The student understands the use of technical knowledge and skills required to pursue careers in the restaurant industry, including knowledge of design, operation, and maintenance of technological systems.
    • (A) define job-specific technical vocabulary

C. Employability skills

  • (11) The student knows and understands the importance of employability skills.
    • (A) demonstrate skills related to seeking employment in the restaurant industry
    • (B) identify the required training and educational requirements that lead toward an appropriate industry certification
    • (C) select educational and work history highlights to include in a career portfolio
    • (D) update a personal career portfolio
    • (E) complete required employment forms such as I-9, work visa, W-4, and licensures to meet employment requirements
    • (F) research the local and regional labor workforce market to determine opportunities for advancement
    • (G) investigate professional development training opportunities to keep current on relevant trends and information within the industry
    • (H) explore entrepreneurship opportunities


  • Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Tips Gordon gives us his top five tips for running a restaurant. http://youtu.be/n3jHA8sH-N0
  • Inside Hamburger University
    McDonald’s training course is more than flipping burgers.
  • 2012 Faces of Diversity – Bahjat Shariff  The National Restaurant Association’s Faces of Diversity awards program celebrates restaurants and industry professionals who contribute to and embrace the diversity that makes the restaurant industry so successful. Meet Bahjat Shariff, Senior Vice President of Operations and Operating Partner for Panera Bread/Howley Bread Group in Cumberland, R.I. – winner of the 2012 Faces of Diversity American Dream Award. http://youtu.be/C_vhnG10AfU

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