VII Dynamic Family Life Cycle

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Family life today B. Changing family dynamic C. Family functions in varying cultures D. Characteristics of strong families

  • (7) The student determines methods that promote an effective family unit.
    • (A) describe diverse family structures
    • (B) identify the function of individuals within the family
    • (C) compare functions of families in various cultures
    • (D) predict the effects of societal, demographic, and economic trends on individuals and the family
    • (E) determine procedures for meeting individual and family needs through resource management
    • (F) explain how technology influences family functions and relationships
    • (G) determine the impact of effective family functioning on community and society

E. The family life cycle F. Family structures

  • (8) The student determines how changes occurring throughout the family life cycle impact individuals and families.
    • (A) describe the stages of the family life cycle
    • (B) examine roles and responsibilities of individuals and family members throughout the family life cycle
    • (C) analyze financial considerations related to the family life cycle
    • (D) predict the effects of technological advances on families throughout the family life cycle
    • (E) formulate a plan for effective management of technology on families through the family life cycle


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