VIII Career Exploration

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Personal success B. Personal management

  • (5) The student researches, analyzes, and explores lifestyle and career goals.
    • (A) prioritize career goals and ways to achieve those goals in the hospitality and tourism industry
    • (B) compare and contrast education or training needed for careers in the hospitality and tourism industry
    • (D) create a career portfolio
  • (9) The student explores and explains the roles within each department of the hospitality and tourism industry.
    • (B) research the job qualifications for various positions to facilitate selection of career choices
  • (4) The student develops principles in time management, decision making, and prioritizing.
    • (B) analyze the importance of balancing a career, family, and leisure activities
    • (C) analyze the various steps in the decision-making process
    • (D) work independently
  • (3) The student demonstrates an understanding that personal success depends on personal effort.
    • (C) display positive attitudes and good work habits


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