VI Business Tools, Equipment, and Procedures

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Correct use of tools and equipment 1. Calculator 2. Computer; software 3. Job-specific tools and equipment B. Business procedures and documents 1. Letters, reports, memos, ledgers, and media presentations 2. Orders and billing 3. Files C. Communication tools 1. E-mail 2. Telephone 3. Video and teleconference 4. Internet 5. Headsets 6. E-commerce

  • (3) The student uses business tools or procedures to create human services information and facilitate client interactions.
    • (A) manage numerical information such as using a calculator to add, subtract, multiply, or divide accurately
    • (B) perform complex calculations accurately
    • (C) use appropriate electronic resources to access current information
    • (D) use word-processing, database, spreadsheet, or presentation software to manage data
    • (E) practice email applications to communicate within a workplace
    • (F) use specialized software to prepare needed documents accurately
  • (8) The student selects and uses appropriate business procedures and equipment to produce satisfying client outcomes and business success.
    • (A) manage funds using appropriate technology
    • (B) place orders for customers and supplies using sound business practices


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