IV Business of Hospitality and Tourism

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Industry pathways B. Numerical concepts C. Scientific principles D. Decision making E. Department roles F. Research skills

  • (9) The student explores and explains the roles within each department of the hospitality and tourism industry.
    • (A) examine the duties and responsibilities required within operational departments
    • (B) research the job qualifications for various positions to facilitate selection of career choices
  • (10) The student demonstrates research skills applicable to the hospitality and tourism industry.
    • (A) develop technical vocabulary to enhance customer service
    • (C) examine elements of a dining experience expected to satisfy guests at varied facilities such as a boardwalk vendor, cruise ship, chain restaurant, and five-star dining facility
    • (D) identify local and regional tourism issues
  • (11) The student understands the importance of customer service.
    • (C) plan a cost effective trip or itinerary to meet customer needs
    • (D) examine different types of food service
  • (1) The student applies academic skills for the hospitality and tourism industry.
    • (D) calculate correctly using numerical concepts such as percentages and reasonable estimations
    • (E) infer how scientific principles are used in the hospitality and tourism industry


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