VII Advertising/Promotion

TEA Units of Study: TEKS "Knowledge and skills" subsections covered:

A. Print advertising B. Electronic advertising C. Media advertising D. Other types of advertising E. Budgeting for advertising

  • (4) The student applies academics with career readiness skills.
    • (A) apply mathematical skills to business transactions
    • (C) interpret data from documents such as tables, charts, and graphs to estimate and find solutions to problems
    • (D) organize and compose workplace business documents
  • (10) The student understands roles within teams, work units, departments, organizations, and the larger environment of the hospitality services industry.
    • (A) explain the different types and functions of departments
    • (B) perform duties in each of the departments of a hotel or tourism venue
  • (8) The student evaluates personal attitudes and work habits that support career retention and advancement.
    • (C) compare rewards and demands for various levels of employment in the area of hospitality services
  • (2) The student develops skills for success in the workplace.
    • (G) demonstrate the ability to work with the other employees to support the organization and complete assigned tasks
    • (H) prioritize work to fulfill responsibilities and meet deadlines
    • (I) evaluate the relationship of good physical and mental health to job success and personal achievement


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  • Reynolds, J. (2010). Hospitality services food & lodging. (Second ed.). Tinley Park, Illinois: Glenco, McGraw-Hill.
  • Hospitality Net
  • Small Business Administration

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