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A tool that will help keep you organized! The TEKS Tracker was developed to help you keep track of the TEKS you have covered. See attachment below.

The attachment below contains ten writing prompts that have been specifically written for this course. Please see the TEA link below to access rubrics to assess student writing.

The attachment below contains ten math problems that have been specifically written for this course.

What Should You Know?
It’s time to change how we view a child’s growth.
Do you know all the ways you should measure your child’s growth? We naturally think of height and weight, but from birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, speaks and acts. Track your child’s development and act early if you have a concern. Learn more about milestones. For additional information, visit:

Accessible Books and Periodicals for Readers with Print Disabilities
Bookshare® is free for all U.S. students with qualifying disabilities, thanks to an award from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

Fight BAC! Goes to Child Care
Seven sets of fact sheets to help food safety and health professionals in their work to train childcare workers developed by Clemson University are attached below.

Crib Sheet Tips
Attached below are tips for parents, grandparents, and babysitters on ways to reduce the risk of food poisoning in households with small children.

Free iPad Apps

  1. Pregnancy Lite
    Information regarding pregnancy, includes photos
    TEKS 2B, C
  2. Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar
    Details growth in the womb
    TEKS 2C