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    Principles of Human Services Online Course


    1. TEKS stands for ______________.

    2. CTE stands for_______________.

    3. Learning to manage conflict is difficult, because _________ often control our reactions during conflict.

    4. Students are to identify employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and preparation requirements in the areas of personal interest in all of the following areas except ____________.

    5. Opportunities for leadership, qualities of leaders, types of leaders, and importance of teamwork are all sections of the _________________________ unit of the course scope and sequence.

    6. Investigating sustainable techniques for managing resources addresses the importance of consumer __________ and ______________.

    7. Analyzing consumer buying ______________ that promote effective use of resources includes knowing when and where to shop.

    8. Technology is useful for managing resources. Which of the following is not a method of technologically managing resources?

    9. The consumer services module applies the decision-making process in planning the allocation and use of finances by addressing the _________________.

    10. The decision-making process should be used in planning the ____________ and ________ of finances.

    11. Which of the following is not a type or stage of the family life cycle?

    12. Mental health - the successful performance of mental function, is resulting in ________________.

    13. A family crisis usually has which distinct phases?

    14. A child psychologist must be good with children. Some common traits are _________________.

    15. Understanding how various __________ may influence children helps the parents and caregivers know how best to relate to them.

    16. The basic needs of children do not include which of the following?

    17. Analyzing the responsibilities of caregivers should not include which of the following?

    18. With depression, the __________, frequency, and duration of symptoms vary depending on the individual and his or her particular illness.

    19. When polling college recruiters, _____ cited image as the reason they reject qualified candidates. Proper dress/appearance may not be a reason for getting a job - however, improper dress/appearance is the most common reason candidates do not get a job.

    20. Responsible decision-making is not consistent with which of the following?

    21. The student demonstrates the skills necessary to enhance personal and career ______________ in family and community services.

    22. It is important to establish long-term and short-term goals that are_______________.

    23. Thinking skills important to employers include:

    24. Each life stage brings its own growth and nutritional needs and challenges.

    25. Maintaining good nutrition and health habits and getting proper medical care are the most important responsibilities of the pregnant mother.

    26. The most common résumé. It lists and highlights your work experience, education, and personal information.

    27. Maintaining a healthy body and mind are both critical for projecting the best possible ____________ whether in your personal or your professional environment.

    28. The personal care services module has students investigate TDLR laws, rules and regulations based on which of the following student expectations.

    29. Most of the developmental milestones occur in a _____________ order and transpire in specific time frames allowing assistance to be provided to children with special needs as considered necessary.

    30. Students will examine different types of media to achieve maximum impact on targeted client ___________________.

    31. __________________ development includes all of the brain’s activities and functions such as memory, perception, problem solving, decision-making and imagining.

    32. The ____________ style of parenting involves a combination of rules and structure balanced with love and nurturing.

    33. A caregiver should be able to analyze _____________ and problem behavior in children in order to identify guidance techniques which promote positive behavior.

    34. In preparing to apply for a job, students should demonstrate how to prepare a résumé and how to successfully complete a job application.

    35. Child abuse and neglect are serious problems in our country, and there are presently no signs of the problem getting any better. Over ______ million reports of child abuse are made every year in the United States, involving an estimated 6 million children.

    36. In light of the changing demographics of marriage and family life, social scientists and popular media and press have been debating whether the modern family is _____________ or “in the process of change” in order to adapt to contemporary society.

    37. ________________ has long been a common ethic in the United States, with people each year giving their time without any expectation of compensation.

    38. ___________ needs change throughout the life cycle. Each life stage brings its own growth and nutritional needs and challenges.

    39. Requires all packaged foods to bear nutrition labeling and all health claims for foods to be consistent with terms defined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

    40. Employment of school and career counselors is expected to grow by _________ percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The number of students attending schools at all levels is expected to increase during the projected decade, boosting demand for both school and career counselors.

    41. The nuclear family model which consists of a biological mother, a biological father, and their biological or adopted children comprises only _____ of families today.

    42. The intangible benefits alone - such as ____________, __________, and ____________ - are worthwhile reasons to serve as a volunteer.

    43. A baby may grow _____ percent longer and triple in weight in the first year. A baby needs the right nourishment which may be mother’s milk or infant formula.

    44. Nutrients help keep your body healthy by:

    45. Each year, ________ Americans (or 48 million people) gets sick from and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases.

    46. The Knowledge and Skills represented by Career Clusters prepare learners for a full range of occupations/career specialties, focusing on the holistic, polished blend of technical, academic and employability knowledge and skills.

    47. _______________ – cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.

    48. Licensing requirements – 1500 total clock hours include the following:

    49. ______________ specializes in texture services such as chemical relaxers and perm waving, training other stylists.

    50. The field of cosmetology offers endless opportunities and a variety of ________________ to choose from. It is interesting to know that the industry grossed $59.4 billion in revenue in 2005.

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