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    Principles of Education and Training Online Course


    1. ______________________skills are those critical to getting, keeping, and doing well on a job.

    2. Students need to realize that they need a strong foundation in basic ________________skills for school and job success.

    3. ______________ is an interactive website to help students visualize the impact of career choice on lifestyle.

    4. Journal entries are good activities to help students _____________ and remember.

    5. _______________ is one of the fastest growing careers in Texas.

    6. Personal qualities such as honesty and accountability are part of:

    7. An organization specifically for future teachers is called:

    8. The Civil Rights Act was a result of which historical event(s)?

    9. The IDEA Act is a result of which type of influence?

    10. __________________ trends relate to the production, distribution, and consumption of goods.

    11. Television and the media are what type of trend?

    12. Changes in the demographics of the baby boom generation will affect which trends?

    13. Analyzing employment outlook information is important because:

    14. Reviewing historical trends in Principles of Education and Training helps students:

    15. An Education and Training career listed as one of the 10 fast growing careers is:

    16. From the "What's Your Plan After High School?" AchieveTexas online magazine, what are the three Education and Training career pathways?

    17. One source of free, online courses where students receive completion certificates is:

    18. OOH stands for:

    19. When investigating career choices, students should be encouraged to:

    20. It is important for students to take several different skills or aptitude assessments because:

    21. The ___________________is a collection of the most up-to-date occupational information.

    22. Professional support services include:

    23. Administrative support positions could include:

    24. Coaching is considered a/an:

    25. Ethics are:

    26. Fringe benefits could include:

    27. All school staff need to have skills for:

    28. With additional education and/or training, teachers often have career advancement opportunities to:

    29. The National Association for the Education of Young Children is a professional organization for people who work with:

    30. Over half of teachers today hold ____________ degrees.

    31. Regardless of the tasks teachers are assigned in addition to teaching, all teachers are always:

    32. Teacher responsibilities include:

    33. Qualities that increase a teacher's effectiveness include:

    34. There will be a need for ________________ teachers in the next few years.

    35. Teachers or trainers in non-traditional careers include:

    36. A graduation plan:

    37. ________________ allows junior or senior students to enroll in a college course and simultaneously earn high school and college credit for the course.

    38. Career learning experiences could include:

    39. Curricular experiences could include:

    40. A(n) _________________ is a set of principles a person uses to guide how and why they teach.

    41. Statewide articulation agreements allow students to bank credit for specific classes when:

    42. There are ___ career clusters.

    43. CTE stands for:

    44. (A) ________________ may change as educators have more teaching experiences.

    45. CTE courses prepare students with:

    46. THECB is the acronym for:

    47. TEA is the acronym for:

    48. The course Principles of Education and Training:

    49. The course Principles of Education and Training is:

    50. The course Principles of Education and Training is in the:

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