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    Practicum in Hospitality Services Online Course


    1. How can you recognize someone with a positive attitude?

    2. Your appearance is NOT the first thing that guests, coworkers, and supervisors see.

    3. What might you include on a list about personal hygiene before going to work?

    4. How would you describe someone who is part of a team?

    5. How is ethics related to values?

    6. What conclusion can you determine after reading an employee handbook?

    7. What is the purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act)?

    8. Benefits include all forms of compensation other than salary and wages. These may include:

    9. Which hotel department manages all employee issues, including pay, benefits, hiring, firing and training?

    10. Which department oversees all functions of the business?

    11. What might you include on a list of hotel services?

    12. A bed-and-breakfast operation is an example of which type of hotel?

    13. How is the reservation related to the registration card?

    14. What does the Americans with Disabilities Act require?

    15. According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) *Current and Future Technology Use in the Hospitality Industry (2008),* what did customers most care about?

    16. What does a caterer do for a customer?

    17. What type of dining is also known as fast food?

    18. A menu is carefully designed and NOT used for the following purpose:

    19. Most establishment policies include training bartenders and servers serving alcohol to check the identification for anyone who looks younger than _________.

    20. The four P's of marketing does NOT include:

    21. In the TedTalks(TM) video, Seth Godin says the best way to market your product is:

    22. Marketing plans usually have the four sections. Which section is the detailed plan for achieving the goals?

    23. Suggestive selling significantly increases sales in restaurants that have seated service.

    24. _____________is a promotional message about a product that is paid for by an identified sponsor.

    25. A personal visit by a hospitality sales manager to a potential customer is called ___________.

    26. Social media is the latest advertising trend to market a variety of products and information.

    27. What are the duties of the front desk agent?

    28. What person keeps the equipment and building in good repair?

    29. Events that take place at hotels can be divided into two categories: business and private.

    30. The Internet has allowed customers in the hospitality industry to do the following:

    31. Hotels can keep track of employee scheduling, forecast customer counts, order supplies, manage inventory, collect sales information, and keep financial records using this system:

    32. Restaurants use this system to record the orders from servers, send orders to the kitchen, calculate the charges and taxes, keep track of items sold and inventory used, record the payments, and generate a customer check.

    33. The accounting department is responsible for hotel bookkeeping. Who is in charge of the accounting department?

    34. Who analyzes the financial records of the hotel to ensure they are accurate and correct?

    35. The executive housekeeper is responsible for the linen inventory and making sure the department has all the cleaning supplies needed.

    36. 2. Linens need to be replaced periodically due to:

    37. On the average, how many rooms does a housekeeper usually clean?

    38. Work habits are the basic, routine actions that you carry out every day at work. They provide the foundation for success. Good work habits include the following EXCEPT:

    39. Which federal law bans discrimination against workers age 40 and older?

    40. Which law oversees minimum wage, overtime pay, restrictions on employment of children, and record keeping?

    41. Hotel services provided to conventions may include:

    42. A vacation is a period of time during which a person rests and is free from daily obligations.

    43. A _______________ is a well organized collection of materials that supports your job qualifications. It can be used during an interview to show an employer examples of your talents and capabilities.

    44. Turnover occurs when an employee leaves the company and another employee must be hired to take his or her place. It is NOT expensive for the business because it can hire new employees at minimum wage.

    45. Advancement in the hospitality industry depends on your willingness to:

    46. One disadvantage of entrepreneurship is:

    47. CTE stands for:

    48. There are _____________ Career Clusters.

    49. TEKS stands for:

    50. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with:

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