Practicum in Education and Training Online Course

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    Practicum in Education and Training Online Course


    1.TEKS stands for

    2. CTE stands for

    3. A teacher's philosophy of education

    4. Characteristics of teachers are

    5. _________________is a good form of learning, especially with vocabulary.

    6. To prepare a philosophy of education, students need to

    7. A philosophy

    8. Assess is

    9. The one characteristic that guarantees success in teaching is

    10. Effective strategies for dealing with bullying include:

    11. ELL refers to

    12. Students may need to work with a word ____________times before they understand it well enough to use it correctly.

    13. Another word for clarity is ____________.

    14. Print rich classrooms provide

    15. An important skill for success in writing is ____________.

    16. The four areas of development include:

    17. Developmentally appropriate describes learning activities provided that are at the correct level for a students'

    18. ___________believed all people should learn to read so they could read and understand the _Bible_ for themselves

    19. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

    20. Comenius created

    21. Most classes contain students

    22. Learning about theories helps

    23. Children should be taught rules and behaviors for

    24. Teachers should provide a safe emotional climate at school

    25. Professional teachers consider the way they

    26. When creating class rules, teachers should

    27. Teachers should demonstrate

    28. _______are the major keys to successful learning.

    29. Since the Internship or Field-Based experience component of the Education and Training Cluster may involve students traveling to other campuses, it is important to obtain approval from

    30. Intern students could be identified in other school areas and classroom by wearing

    31. Students can document, assess and reflect on their Intern experiences with

    32. Students are representing the school district and must be ___________about what they see and hear.

    33. All other students, especially younger ones, consider the Interns to be _________.

    34. Issues in Education and Training policies might include

    35. The Internship component of Practicum in Education and Training allows students to _____________all of the knowledge and skills they have acquired in other classes.

    36. Students will devise instructional methods the align with the ____________.

    37. __________are broad, general statements about what is to be learned.

    38. Teachers should use a variety of instructional strategies because

    39. Learner __________is important to guide selection and adjustment of instructional strategies.

    40. Teaching, learning, and evaluating are a __________cycle.

    41. Praise given to students should

    42. ________________evaluate technology applications to determine their effectiveness for practical classes.

    43. Teachers need to devise and monitor rules for __________________safety.

    44.Teachers should check the _____________ policy before allowing students to use the internet.

    45. Everything students read on the internet

    46. Using free Web classroom tools

    47. All students need to know and practice

    48. Technology applications may be excellent strategies for

    49. Assessment is directly connected to ________where results are closely monitored by state and federal government agencies.

    50. _________________a student's efforts is one of the most difficult parts of the teaching process.

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