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    Practicum in Culinary Arts Online Course


    1. The word chef is French for:

    2. Who defined the art of grand cuisine?

    3. What year did Julia Child donate her kitchen to the National Museum of American History?

    4. Who partners with the McDonald brothers to franchise their small hamburger restaurant?

    5. According to the video - Our Global Kitchen Introduction, from the American Museum of Natural History - our meals today are shaped by:

    6. Our food customs remain stable from generation to generation due to:

    7. The foodservice industry employs more people than any other private employment segment in the country.

    8. What are the benefits of an online employment search?

    9. Application forms often request information about education, references, and __________________.

    10. Name the federal form that determines whether employees are legally eligible to work in the United States.

    11. According to the 2013 Restaurant Industry Forecast, what is the fastest growing segment?

    12. A disadvantage to owning a food production business is:

    13. How many weeks notice should an employee give their employer when terminating employment?

    14. The chef jacket is designed to:

    15. A chef's uniform should be worn with ________________.

    16. Many accidents in the kitchen occur due to _________________.

    17. Integrity is one of the guidelines for ethical behavior. Integrity means:

    18. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes:

    19. An employer must pay at least _____ times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a work week.

    20. Cooks, chefs, and bakers use math skills to:

    21. Servers use math skills to:

    22. Problem #10 from the Practicum in Culinary Arts Multiple Choice Math Assessment Problems * Beth has a steady income from managing a restaurant and now she needs to make a personal monthly budget. She wants to spend no more than 55% of her income on her rent and car payment every month. If she makes $30,000 per year, up to how much should she spend per month on her rent and car payment?

    23. Point-of-sale systems CANNOT track:

    24. A(n) _______________________ shows exactly how money flows into and out of a business for a specific time period such as one month, one quarter, or one year.

    25. A culinary scientist:

    26. What are the steps to use a fire extinguisher correctly?

    27. _______________ reduces pathogens on a surface to safe levels.

    28. According to the Youth@Work video, what estimated percentage of teens work before they leave high school?

    29. Which federal agency regulates food labels?

    30. What is the Food Code?

    31. OSHA makes sure that employers provide:

    32. The foodservice industry is governed by regulations. Who enforces these regulations?

    33. Which type of foodservice operation offers simply prepared foods in less formal surroundings?

    34. _______________ removes food and other dirt from a surface.

    35. Following the FIFO rule means that:

    36. Baking, roasting, sautéing, stir-frying, pan-frying, deep-frying, grilling, and broiling are all examples of what type of cooking?

    37. Mise en place is a French term that means:

    38. An example of a garnish is:

    39. _______________ is the arrangement of food and garnishes on a plate.

    40. How would you describe a portfolio to your students?

    41. A professional portfolio is a requirement for the Practicum in Culinary Arts course.

    42. What are the benefits of students earning a certification?

    43. Name the two recognized CTSO's that have competition for Culinary Arts.

    44. Who can provide continued learning for chefs?

    45. The Practicum in Culinary Arts has paid or unpaid work experiences for students.

    46. CTE stands for:

    47. There are _____________ Career Clusters.

    48. TEKS stands for:

    49. Practicum in Culinary Arts is part of the ______________ Career Cluster.

    50. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with:

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