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    Practicum Coordination Handbook Overview Online Course


    1. What is the name of the program which gives high school students a chance to receive credit at participating community colleges across Texas for taking certain enhanced technical courses during high school?

    2. An advisory committee contributes to a successful coordination of practicum courses. Which of the following is NOT one of their functions?

    3. The Career Preparation course is considered a multi-cluster course. Who can teach this course?

    4. What is a written agreement between the school and the training sponsor for each student enrolled in a work-based instruction component of a practicum course?

    5. Practicum work experiences may be structured through laboratory-based, paid or unpaid work experiences for students.

    6. A work-based instructional arrangement in career and technical education that provides an unpaid training opportunity does NOT include:

    7. To maintain full funding eligibility, what is the minimum age for enrollement in a class which includes paid work-based instruction?

    8. The recommended student grade level for practicum courses as adopted in the TEKS is:

    9. Prerequisite technical courses are required for practicum courses.

    10. The State Board of Education approved 2-3 credits per year for practicum courses for students enrolled in the full year. However, partial credit may be awarded to students who successfully complete only one semester of a full year course if they enter or exit the course when extenuating circumstances require such a change.

    11. Practicum courses include classroom instruction coordinated with work-based instruction and training experiences.

    12. A practicum course using the paid work-based learning delivery arrangement must span the entire school year and classroom instruction must average _________ class period(s) each day for every school week.

    13. Training agreements for students in unpaid work-based instruction must be filed:

    14. For contact hour funding eligibility from the date of enrollment, the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook specifies that students participating in paid work-based instruction be placed and in training within ___________ days of enrollment; the training plan must also be filed by that date.

    15. For contact hour funding eligibility, the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook stipulates that teacher-coordinators visit each student training site at least ________ times each school year.

    16. A law that governs wage and hour practices including minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping and child labor standards affecting full-time and part-time workers in the business/industry and government setting is the:

    17. The Youth Minimum Wage is __________ an hour and allows employers to pay employees under 20 years of age a lower wage for a limited period -- 90 calendar days, NOT work days -- after they are first employed.

    18. The federal minimum wage per hour is:

    19. It is suggested that training plans should be on file with the teacher-coordinator, the training sponsor and the __________________.

    20. How can teacher-coordinators remain current on issues related to family and consumer sciences education?

    21. A student who is absent from school should contact the training sponsor and the teacher-coordinator.

    22. A student who is not in class attendance during the time of regular school hours may NOT participate in work-based training that day unless specifically approved by the teacher-coordinator.

    23. What is an ongoing process that is vital to promoting the success of a practicum course?

    24. Criteria for acceptance into the practicum courses may include all of the following EXCEPT:

    25. If a paid work-based training placement has not been achieved within 15 days of enrollment, which option should NOT be available to the student?

    26. What is a training site?

    27. When can student placement at a training site occur?

    28. Many school districts start the employment period for teacher-coordinators __________ that of other teachers to facilitate the process of acquiring quality training sites and making student placements.

    29. The ___________________ provides instruction to the practicum student on creating resumes, completing employment applications, interviewing techniques and follows up on all contacts.

    30. The _________________ determines the amount and schedule of time (in addition to the standard conference/planning) during the school day that a teacher will be provided for coordination of practicum placements.

    31. When is the best time for the teacher-coordinator to schedule training site visits?

    32. When visiting a training site, the teacher-coordinator should NOT:

    33. Written training agreements must be prepared and filed locally in accordance with Texas Education Agency's:

    34. The training plan agreement is NOT a:

    35. The front page of the Training Plan Agreement should be completed in its entirety in order to evidence student compliance with ___________________ and Texas Education Agency funding eligibility.

    36. A student without a social security number CANNOT participate in a practicum course.

    37. Only the student must sign the training plan agreement.

    38. FCCLA stands for:

    39. TAFE stands for:

    40. Only current family and consumer science students may participate in FCCLA.

    41. Involvement in FCCLA offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for _______________ planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision-making and interpersonal communication - necessary in the home and the workplace.

    42. What kind of profession does TAFE offer students the opportunity to explore?

    43. TAFE encourages students to learn about careers in _________________.

    44. Mary has agreed to work 15 hours a week in an unpaid training site at an elementary school. She leaves the training site at the same time the elementary children leave for home and you find out that she is only averaging 12 hours a week. No one has called to complain. What should you do?

    45. A student in the Practicum in Education and Training course has a work-based training plan agreement to work at an elementary school. When you arrive to observe the student, you find that the student has been moved to work in the cafeteria. What should you do?

    46. A student in the practicum course would like to work in his family-owned business. Is this allowed?

    47. A practicum student attends his classes in the morning and then leaves for his work-based training site and fails to attend the classroom instruction for the practicum course. What should you do?

    48. A student working at a child care center arrives to the work-based training site and begins to eat lunch with the children and take care of personal needs during work. The training sponsor has called you to complain. What should you do?

    49. It is senior skip day on Friday. Your practicum students want to skip work and school and join their friends at the beach. What should you do?

    50. A training sponsor has called you to complain about your practicum student not being able to do the job appropriately. The student says he was never trained to do the job. What should you do?

    51. A practicum student working in a restaurant has agreed to work 20 hours per week but business has been slow and is lucky to get 10 hours. What should you do?

    52. A training site has multiple training sponsors for the practicum student. Is this allowed?

    53. While networking with other practicum teachers, you find out that one teacher is not using the training plan agreements for her unpaid practicum students. She says it is too much trouble to do and her district hasn't asked for them. What should you do?

    54. A practicum student rotates to six different departments in his unpaid training site every nine weeks. How many training plan agreements are needed?

    55. An ARD (Admissions, Review and Dismissal) committee has recommended that a special education student enroll in your practicum course. You were not invited to attend the meeting and do not know the student. What can you do?

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