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    Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness Online Course


    1. Nutrition is:

    2. Wellness is:

    3. Poor nourishment caused by a lack of nutrients is:

    4. A calorie is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by how many degrees Celsius?

    5. Good recipes should:

    6. How many food groups are in the ChooseMyPlate icon?

    7. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated:

    8. The five main kitchen hazards are:

    9. The single most effective way to prevent the transfer of bacteria is to:

    10. It is a good idea to list frozen foods at the end of your shopping list because:

    11. The area containing each person’s tableware is called a

    12. How have food portion sizes changed in recent years?

    13. Teamwork should include the following skills:

    14. A well-written recipe will

    15. Leadership is

    16. A team member is absent the day of a foods lab. What should you do?

    17. Team members should help each other by

    18. How many vegetables are needed daily for girls between the ages of 14 and 18 years old?

    19. According to the 10 tips Nutrition Education Series on Salt and Sodium, Americans should reduce their sodium intake to:

    20. The hand washing procedure should take a total of __________ seconds.

    21. The two types of vitamins are

    22. Rickets and Osteomalacia are caused by a lack of what vitamin?

    23. Turn pan handles to the back or middle of the range to

    24. The first step in washing dishes is to

    25. The third step in the five step handwashing process is:

    26. The name for a substance, such as a chemical or organism, that makes food unsafe to eat is a

    27. The most common bacterial cause of diarrhea in the United States, and the most common cause of foodborne deaths.

    28. To cook quickly in a little oil, butter, or margarine is to

    29. To cook in an oven is to

    30. Buying fruits and vegetables in season

    31. FIFO means

    32. The way of serving meals in which food is portioned out on individual plates in the kitchen and brought to the table is called

    33. In what part of the digestive system would you find bile?

    34. A sedentary person does less than how many minutes of moderate to heavy physical activity a day?

    35. Being physically active can help you:

    36. A BMI of what number or higher indicates that an adult is obese?

    37. In the digestive system, what does the liver do?

    38. A career is a(n)

    39. There are __________ job opportunities for nutrition professionals.

    40. An entrepreneur

    41. Entrepreneurs are

    42. Nutrition Professionals can

    43. Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness is part of the __________________________ career cluster.

    44. Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness can be added to _________ sequence of courses.

    45. Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness is a(n) _______________ course that allows students to make informed choices that promotes wellness.

    46. Students taking this course will be able to pursue careers in

    47. Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness is an articulated course for one credit.

    48. CTE stands for

    49. There are _____________ Career Clusters.

    50. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with

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