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    1. Factors which affect personal identity, personality, and self esteem are________________.

    2. Factors that tend to help shape a person’s identity are________________.

    3. Which of the following is true about personality?

    4. Your character traits are defined by your inner traits or moral qualities such as______________.

    5. ___________ is a concept of personality; for it to grow, we need to have self-worth, which is sought from embracing challenges that result in the showing of success

    6. What is the decision-making process?

    7. What are the consequences of using the decision-making process?

    8. In using the decision-making process, identifying the alternative is________.

    9. Some rules to remember when making decisions are:

    10. Which of the following is evidence that making good health care decisions is beneficial?

    11. What are some adjustments which are related to achieving independence?

    12. What are some of the responsibilities of living as an independent adult?

    13. Why are the stages of life, such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle life, and late life, important?

    14. An intimate relationship includes which of the following?

    15. According to a study performed on about 5,500 teens and presented at an American Heart Association meeting, which of the following was true?

    16. What is the family’s role in the development of relationships?

    17. Why is dating important?

    18. Good communication is vital to a good relationship because _________.

    19. What is self-disclosure?

    20. What is a relationship?

    21. Why is it important to promote positive friendships outside the family?

    22. What influences do peers have on an individual?

    23. A good healthy peer relationship includes:

    24. Characteristics of a healthy relationship include the following:

    25. The world is constantly changing in the areas of social and economic trends. One of the absolute changes has been the shift from being an ________society to an __________ society.

    26. An engagement serves which purpose?

    27. The period of engagement allows the couple to seriously think about their future together. Communication is very important during the engagement period. Things that should be discussed are __________.

    28. Some rules for nurturing a loving relationship include the following:

    29. As far as communication goes, showing signs of affection, verbally and non-verbally, is important throughout marriage and enhances marital satisfaction.

    30. Good communication fosters couple satisfaction and is an important component of family ___________(emotional bonding of family members).

    31. What are the stages of the family life cycle?

    32. A two-parent family, or nuclear family, consists of __________.

    33. Which is true of an extended kinship family?

    34. Which is true of foster parents?

    35. The following facts about being a single parent are true except for one:

    36. Types of crisis-producing events include __________.

    37. A distinct phase of a family crisis is_________.

    38. Factors associated with meeting a crisis creatively include __________.

    39. ________________ families cope well in a time of crisis or adversity.

    40. During very difficult family changes, children may have developmental regressions. The reason for this is _________.

    41. Stress affects the body as well as one’s emotional state by causing ________.

    42. __________ is/are beneficial in all Human Services/Counseling and Mental Health career fields.

    43. Some mental/emotional stress-management techniques include __________.

    44. Employment of school and career counselors is expected to grow by ___ percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

    45. Employment of marriage and family therapists is expected to grow by ______percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.

    46. Jobs requiring a master’s degree are expected to grow the ________, while those requiring a high school diploma will experience the _________ growth over the 2010–20 timeframe.

    47. A/an ________________ is training that involves preparation in a field such as medicine or teaching, generally under supervision in a professional setting, such as a hospital or classroom.

    48. Nearly _________ of all mothers are in the labor force.

    49. College graduates age 25 and over earn nearly ________ as much as workers who stopped with a high school diploma.

    50. Three of the top 10 fastest growing occupations are ____________

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