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    Instructional Practices in Education and Training Online Course


    1. Colonial education was characterized by all of the following except:

    2. Throughout history, many political leaders were also leaders in education, including:

    3. ________________schools were the first free public schools.

    4. Who is considered the Father of American Education?

    5. Benjamin Bloom created his ____________of learning.

    6. Every teacher fosters students' development in:

    7. Teachers must continue to be ____________to be most effective.

    8. Teachers use ____________ with many other tools to assess performance.

    9. Effective leaders include _______________ on decision-making boards.

    10. ________________schools are public schools with a specific focus.

    11. Students need _________________skills for collecting thoughts and ideas in groups and listening to new concepts.

    12. 21st Century Skills include:

    13. When instructing students, teachers need to consider:

    14. It is important for students to distinguish between personal and ____________ communication in verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic communications.

    15. Literacy includes:

    16. Developmentally appropriate classrooms might include:

    17. The areas of human development include which of the following areas:

    18. John Dewey's Progressivism included which of the following ideas:

    19. Learning usually progresses from __________to abstract.

    20. Jean Piaget developed theories about _____________________development.

    21. Following a _____________ is good classroom management for all ages.

    22. Classroom management includes:

    23. Teachers should be alert to potential situations for:

    24. Teachers must know and be in compliance with:

    25. Ethics and laws in education guarantee:

    26. __________are created as guides for people living together.

    27. Teachers are required by law to:

    28. The ________________is an effective way to organize a variety of documents and samples of work.

    29. Internship field-based experiences can take place at:

    30. The interns must act professionally and as positive role models at:

    31. In Texas, the content standards for knowledge and skills for each class are called the:

    32. __________ are specific statements that include an action, the conditions, and the expected level of performance.

    33. Especially when working with students from special populations, teachers should:

    34. Constant ____________and monitoring when using technology keeps students safe and focused.

    35. _____________________is one of the most continually changing strategies in education.

    36. Some of the issues with adding technological devices include:

    37. Guidelines for using technology should include:

    38. The ______________is an effective way to organize a variety of documents and samples.

    39. Assessment and evaluation should be:

    40. Grades should be:

    41. Assessments and grades should be linked to:

    42. Having students do demonstrations is a good way to assess_____________.

    43. Career choices in education and training could include:

    44. Teaching jobs could be available at:

    45. Students who are preparing to work or go to school in other countries need to:

    46. If each student does not have computer access in the classroom, teachers can:

    47. Teachers can make information from the internet available by:

    48. Technology is an excellent strategy for:

    49. Planning helps teachers:

    50. It is important to complete forms, such as the ___________________ in the Field-Based experience.

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