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    1. What are the five career areas of hotel management?

    2. Time management refers to a range of:

    3. What three things must an executive be an expert at doing?

    4. What improves significantly among employees who see themselves as part of a team?

    5. A time management system is a designed combination of ___________.

    6. An entry level job provides a platform to move employees through their chosen path with a high rate of success.

    7. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, lodging management job are expected to grow by ________.

    8. The number one ranked hospitality program in the world is ___________.

    9. A resume is an advertising tool that summarizes a job applicant's ___________.

    10. Two of the most important employment documents in the employment process are?

    11. A start-up company is usually financed through _____________.

    12. Entrepreneurship is a business venture that accompanies very low-risk.

    13. Ethical standards are rules that govern a person's __________________.

    14. Which of the following is NOT considered one of the eight ethical behaviors?

    15. Which of the following IS included in establishing policies and procedures?

    16. Policies governing workers' rights laws include all BUT one of the following?

    17. Which one of the following is NOT included in the Fair Labor Standards Act?

    18. The Americans with Disabilities Act covers discrimination of persons riding public transportation as well as private amusement parks.

    19. One of the best preventive measures against spreading infectious diseases is ____________.

    20. The two of the primary agencies that provide the majority of workplace regulations are ____________.

    21. MSDS sheets provide information about handling ___________.

    22. The formal system established to monitor food safety is ______________.

    23. Managers must have at least one of the following certified employees on every shift:

    24. Failing to provide employees with goggles and mask for handling hazardous chemicals would be considered on OSHA violation.

    25. A small luxury hotel offering premium services in a fashionable location is called a ___________.

    26. Most luxury hotels in North America will typically carry a service rating of ________________.

    27. The percentage of Five Diamond hotels that are named Five Star hotels is ______________.

    28. Hotels with multiple business partners or companies are called ______________.

    29. A hotel independently owned by one person that is not part of a chain is called a ______________.

    30. All of these are established forms of communications EXCEPT:

    31. Verbal communication is ________ of what others understand when you communicate.

    32. Written communication should contain which one of the following?

    33. The Continuous Quality Improvement process uses a(n) ___________ to accomplish operational changes.

    34. Avoiding confrontations can often postpone conflicts in the workplace.

    35. According to the AHMA Educational Institute, employees should provide what kind of service?

    36. Which of the following are basic principles of guest services?

    37. Two areas of emerging technology in guest services are:

    38. According to the Javelin Research Strategy, identity theft has increased by ________ in 2011.

    39. POS systems can decrease the likelihood of identity theft and fraud.

    40. According to Hotel Business Review, all of the following are top trends EXCEPT:

    41. Which one of the following is NOT identified in market research?

    42. Psychographics is the analysis of the __________.

    43. The Revenue Center generates income from ______________.

    44. Hotels use computer based systems to monitor all of the following EXCEPT

    45. Big hotels with large budgets are not really concerned with small losses with food and beverage revenue.

    46. Hotel Management is an articulated course for one credit.

    47. Hotel Management is part of the _________________ Career Cluster.

    48. CTE stands for:

    49. There are ______________ Career Clusters.

    50. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with

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