Hospitality Services Part I (TEKS 1-9) Online Course

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    Hospitality Services Part I (TEKS 1-9) Online Course


    1. When did the hospitality industry probably begin?

    2. What were the contributions of Egypt to the development of the hospitality industry?

    3.What were the contributions of Greece to the development of the hospitality industry?

    4.What were the contributions of the Romans to the development of the hospitality industry?

    5. There are four factors that affect the success of the hospitality industry and that managers cannot control: weather, political conditions, economic conditions, and _________________.

    6. How is a fad different from a trend?

    7. Managers must have two ways to ensure good service: procedures and training. How do they achieve these goals?

    8. Schools, universities, hospitals, prisons and the military are considered what type of housing?

    9. There are five categories of Full-service hotels, one of the categories is convention, what are the other four?

    10. What is another name for hotel management?

    11. The majority of customers will not return to a hotel if their experience was negative.

    12. Which hotel type offers complimentary continental breakfast?

    13. Which of the three levels of management is responsible for the entire company?

    14. Which of the three levels of management is closest to the workers?

    15. Which hotel department is responsible for laundry?

    16. Which hotel department is responsible for inventory of supplies?

    17. Which of the following does not go on a job description?

    18. Which hotel department is responsible for writing job descriptions

    19. There are eleven critical moments in a customers experience, which of the following is not considered one of them?

    20. Teamwork on the job is much like being part of a football team. The success of the whole team depends on several qualities. Which of these choices is not considered one of them?

    21. What is the best way to handle customer service complaints?

    22. A rooms division is the part of the hotel that handles all tasks involved in preparing and selling sleeping rooms. What are the three main functions of the rooms division?

    23. The term ‘racking system’ refers to the physical racks that were used before computers existed. The racking system is another major function of the rooms division. What does the racking system consist of?

    24. In large hotels, the duties of the front desk manager are usually divided among four departments. What are the four departments?

    25. A Non-guaranteed reservations are a reservation that expires at a specific time on the arrival date and may be sold to another guest. What time does the room usually expire?

    26. For a guaranteed reservation, the room is held until guest arrives, and is typically paid in advance by the guest. If the guest does not show up, do they still pay for the room?

    27. The name ‘uniformed services’ is given because the staff typically wears uniforms. It may also be called ‘guest services’. What hotel was guest services initially developed for?

    28. Guest services came about in a hotel where there were four stories and no elevator. A bellhop was employed to assist guests with what?

    29. How many rooms does a room attendant clean per day?

    30. How many minutes does the room attendant spend cleaning each room?

    31. The major cleaning goal of the housekeeper is to prevent growth of what?

    32. What is the difference between being clean and being sanitary?

    33. How should a room attendant then enter the room they need to clean?

    34. What room cleaning tasks should the housekeeper complete?

    35. The laundry department has three major tasks: washing laundry, care of linens, and __________________.

    36. According to the US Department of Government FMLA, which situation is covered by this act?

    37. What is FICA?

    38. What is The Equal Pay Act?

    39. What is The Americans with Disabilities Act?

    40. There are certain behaviors that a company cannot tolerate from employees while they are at work. These behaviors are grounds for immediate dismissal from the job. Which of these would NOT be grounds for dismissal?

    41. There are four types of promotion methods, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and _____________.

    42. Creating goodwill usually has two parts. The first part is doing something good or newsworthy. The second part is making sure the public knows about it.

    43. Which of the four classifications of menus provides some variety for people who eat in the same place every day?

    44. Which of the following is not included in a standardized recipe?

    45. Which of the following is not a type of cooking method?

    46. Which of the following is not a function of the back of the house staff?

    47. Hospitality Services is part of the __________________________ career cluster.

    48. There are _____________ Career Clusters.

    49. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with

    50. CTE stands for

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