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    1. The first world acclaimed chef known as the “King of Chefs and the Chef of Kings” is:

    2. The brigade system used to streamline and simplify work in hotel kitchens was instituted by:

    3. In the classic brigade, this chef is responsible for all sautéed items and their sauces.

    4. The Garde-Manger is also known as the Pantry chef and is responsible for preparation of cold foods, including salads, cold appetizers, pâtés, and the like.

    5. Foodservice trends may be influenced by:

    6. Which of the following has a potentially negative effect on the energy level required to lift heavy objects, work active shifts, endure long periods of standing, and sustain repetitive motions?

    7. According to course content, what is the best way to incorporate teamwork, problem solving, decision making, team building and problem solving?

    8. Positive emotions can help employees:

    9. A structured classroom environment can promote participation among students.

    10. According to the content of the course, which of the following statements concerning teamwork and team building is FALSE?

    11. When considering utensils, what temperature must be maintained for 30 seconds during heat sanitizing?

    12. What is the first step in eliminating (minimizing) injuries in the workplace?

    13. Truth in Menu Laws most greatly benefit whom?

    14. FLSA standards state that 14 and 15 year old students can work an acceptable job for which of the following hours:

    15. Employers can require potential employees to take a test to determine whether they are fit for employment.

    16. Which baking ingredient helps the baked product to rise through the production of CO2?

    17. Adults need to drink ____ to ____ ounces of water each day to maintain healthy bodily functions.

    18. Restaurants cannot operate effectively without following the basic principles of ____________.

    19. To _______, heat a moderate amount of fat in a pan before adding food. Use enough fat to cover about 1/2 to 3/4 of the food.

    20. The five elements of plate presentation are:

    21. The ________________ is the most flexible piece of equipment in the commercial kitchen.

    22. A chef needs a recipe to yield 340 servings, but the current recipe yields 84 servings. What is the conversion factor by which she must multiply the original ingredient amounts in order to get the new ingredient amounts?

    23. When considering dry storage, for the best quality and to assure safety, the temperature of the storeroom should be between ___°F and ___°F.

    24. Which of the following is the first step in the FCCLA Planning Process for Individual and Team Action?

    25. According to course content, which is the most important reason for recording items on a receiving sheet during the receiving process?

    26. Which of the following cold storage recommendations allows for proper airflow and keeps refrigeration units from working too hard to keep products cold?

    27. The first step in an effective marketing plan is:

    28. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of great customer service?

    29. ___________________ attract people that like to eat out but are not interested in a formal atmosphere, high prices, or extended service offerings.

    30. A major aspect of excellent guest service is being able to identify, anticipate, and meet the needs and expectations of your guests.

    31. A restaurant's concept is the same as it's cuisine.

    32. The key to successful suggestive selling is:

    33. The percentage of food lost during its storage and preparation is known as ____________.

    34. The _____________ is often the first thing a manager looks at when he/she reports for a shift and updating the __________ is the last thing they do before leaving.

    35. The asking price for a menu item is known as the:

    36. Documents that are commonplace in the restaurant industry are:

    37. How many cups are in a gallon?

    38. An excellent way to keep your food fresher for longer is to use a(n):

    39. Which of the following is NOT a perceived benefit of table side technology?

    40. According to module content, which piece of equipment is set to "completely capture the field for new installations worldwide in the next few years?"

    41. POS systems can handle food costing reports.

    42. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2013 forecast, restaurant guests want more and better table side ____________.

    43. Which of the following industry segments employs the highest number of chefs?

    44. The more you know about your _______________ and the job you're seeking, the better you'll do in the interview.

    45. Which of the following is not an appropriate post interview action?

    46. CTE stands for:

    47. There are _____________ Career Clusters.

    48. TEKS stands for:

    49. Culinary Arts is part of the ______________ Career Cluster.

    50. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with:

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