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    Counseling and Mental Health Online Course


    1. The first psychiatrist who developed a system for diagnosing and classifying mental illness is

    2. The process of chipping a hole into one's skull to let the evil spirits out is called

    3. Saint Mary of Bethlehem was

    4. Behavior is learned and can be reinforced or modified is a behavior theory supported by

    5. Which is the correct order of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs?

    6. The feelings of inadequacy and insecurity arise during which stage?

    7. People become most concerned with their health at this life stage:

    8. The need to be productive is characterized by this life stage:

    9. The percentage of population in the United States that is over the age of 65 is:

    10. Identity crisis might be used to describe this life stage:

    11. Which three are effective means of coping with stress?

    12. Anger is an emotional reaction to:

    13. A type of maladaptive behavior:

    14. Self-injury, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and substance abuse are all signs of:

    15. Displacement, denial, rationalization, regression, and repression are all:

    16. The superficial communication that is limited to subject matter only is called:

    17. Successful interpersonal communication consists of:

    18. Both communication filters and communication barriers can interfere with understanding a message being sent.

    19. Communication that includes facial expression, hand gestures, and body positions is called:

    20. Infracted listening employs a safe and protected atmosphere for constructive communication.

    21. The medulla is located in which part of the brain?

    22. Which is the largest part of the brain?

    23. The central nervous system is made up of which two parts?

    24. The diencephalon is also known as the:

    25. Two methods of brain imaging that allow viewing of the brain at work.

    26. The term agoraphobia means:

    27. A common theme on obsessive compulsive disorder is a contamination of germs.

    28. What is a condition in which a normal-appearing person is preoccupied with an imagined or minor physical defect?

    29. Which one below is a symptom of schizophrenia?

    30. Sedatives can depress the central nervous system, but are not addictive.

    31. One of the most effective ways to control behavior is by:

    32. Which type of therapy is reserved for specific types of mental disorders that cannot be treated with medicine?

    33. Which type of therapy uses “free-association” in which the patient verbalizes whatever comes to mind?

    34. Which type of therapy encourages patients to set, enforce, and follow their own rules?

    35. What is the major obstacle in the use of psychotherapy and/or psychoanalysis?

    36. All careers related to psychology are required to have a doctoral degree.

    37. A psychologist can prescribe medicine.

    38. Which is a desired personality trait for someone in the field of psychology:

    39. A psychiatrist is considered a medical doctor.

    40. All related fields in psychology require at least a Bachelor’s degree.

    41. In this course students are expected to apply knowledge of:

    42. The course Counseling and Mental Health is recommended for students in grades 10 - 12.

    43. The course Counseling and Mental Health can be set up as a one or two credit course.

    44. The course Counseling and Mental Health is in the

    45. The recommended prerequisite course for Counseling and Mental Health is

    46. CTE stands for:

    47. Counseling and Mental Health is a CTE course.

    48. __________ is/are beneficial in all Counseling and Mental Health career fields.

    49. Career and Technical Education (CTE) equips students with

    50. There are __________________ Career Clusters:

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