New Teacher Tips

The lesson closure activitiy You’ve Got Mail Reflection (attached below) is an instructional strategy which allows students to summarize main ideas, evaluate class processes, answer questions posed at the beginning of the lesson, and link to both the past and the future. It also allows the teacher to evaluate the progress of the students and the lesson.

The Personal Word Wall (attached below) is a great instructional strategy for English Language Learners. It is designed to help students create their own word wall folder.

Templates for Spinners
A spinner is a great tool for ensuring student participation!
Use the spinner templates below to actively involve students in your lessons. 

Having a Personal Information and Class Schedule (attached below) for each student assists in gathering and keeping student data in one location. Hole-punch pages and keep in a binder labeled by class period. Since documents contain phone numbers and addresses, be sure to secure the binder in a locked drawer or cabinet when not in use.

Have you ever gotten “caught by the bell?” Avoid this problem by using

Attached below are 300 Ways to Praise a CTE Student!

If you are ever called out of your classroom unexpectedly for a teacher conference or ARD meeting, don’t panic. The ABC’s of ……. is an activity that can be quickly modified for any topic. See ABC’s template below.

Projects that incorporate multi-media technology tools encourage students to problem solve and use critical thinking skills as well as be creative and express themselves. See Multi-Media attachment below.

Have you ever assigned a reading/summary assignment only to discover that half of the class did not complete the task? The “Article STOP and JOT” (see below) may be the solution to this problem. Students will STOP after reading EACH paragraph and JOT down its main idea or key points. This strategy will allow students to gather and process their finding and thoughts prior to writing a summary. Modeling the strategy prior use is recommended.

Try a new teaching tool for 2012
The Teaching Channel can help you remember information pertaining to your subject area. No more forgetting what you saved.

Free presentations and lessons from the Purdue University on Internet and technology safety.

A Note from the Substitute
This tool will aid the substitute and teacher in documenting vital information on the day of the teacher’s absence.