§130.250 Practicum in Human Services

Practicum in Human Services Overview :

(1) Practicum in Human Services provides occupational specific training and focuses on the development of consumer services, early childhood development and services, counseling and mental health services, family and community services careers and personal care services. Content for Practicum in Human Services is designed to meet the occupational preparation needs and interests of students and should be based upon the knowledge and skills selected from two or more courses in a coherent sequence in the human services cluster as well as the essential knowledge and skills described in subsection ( c ) of this section for communication, critical thinking, problem solving, information technology, ethical and legal responsibilities, leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

(2) Instruction may be delivered through school-based laboratory training or through work-based delivery arrangements such as cooperative education, mentoring, and job shadowing.

(3) Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations.

Practicum in Human Services Assessment Questions

100 Sample Assessment Questions for Practicum in Human Services Sample Assessment Questions for Practicum in Human Services Math Human Services – Practicum in Human Services Multiple Choice Math Assessment Problems Human Services Practicum in...

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Practicum in Human Services Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: All TEKS Overview Introductory Lesson: Practicum in Human Services I. Career Planning A. Resume B. Portfolio...

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Practicum in Human Services : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Introductory Lesson: Practicum in Human Services

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the course Practicum in Human Services. Students will be introduced to the...

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Creating an Effective Work Environment

In workplace groups, leaders give direction to members and help with goal setting and achievement of those goals. Leaders are involved with planning, implementation...

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Business Economics in the Human Services Industry

An economic system is a system for producing, distributing and consuming goods and services. It can include the combination of the various institutions, agencies,...

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A Look at Workplace Ethics in the Human Services Industry

Individuals working in the Human Services industry have an obligation and should take all the necessary precautions to protect clients from fraud, deceit or...

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Technology Skills and the Workplace

An important component of a business, is written communication. For example, a business has to properly document sales, invoices, customer requests, work schedules, accounts...

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Business Procedures, Equipment and Technology

Properly and efficiently managing funds in a business produces satisfying client outcomes and business success. With the use of advanced technology, it is easier...

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Professional and Industrial Organizations in the Human Services Career Cluster

Professional and industrial organizations in the Human Services Career Cluster offer many benefits as you build career experience. Many professional organizations have jobs posted...

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Emergency Procedures at the Workplace

It is essential to establish a physically and psychologically healthy environment for clients, employers and employees. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as man-made and natural...

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Client Retention: Services, Techniques and Resources

Establishing best practices for customer service are essential for the success of a business. What are the aspects of good client service? Why is...

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The Importance of Client Satisfaction

Clients are the lifeline to any business. Without clients, the business would not succeed. What is good client service? Who is responsible for providing...

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A Safe and Welcoming Environment for All

The physical aspects of a workplace environment can have a direct impact on the productivity, health, safety, comfort, concentration, job satisfaction and morale of...

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Mathematical Applications in Human Services

Mathematics is the language of science and engineering. We use it on a daily basis; from paying for a purchase to earning income at...

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How to Effectively Communicate with Clients

Good communication skills are essential. Nearly all careers in the Human Services Career Cluster® require interaction with other individuals, whether they are co-workers, supervisors...

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Researching Careers in the Human Services Industry

Careers in human services vary greatly. They include careers in the healthcare field, retail and consumer services, personal care, government service and many specific...

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Maximize Your Job Search with a Career Portfolio

What is an employment portfolio and how can it help you land a job in a human services career field? It is a job...

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Service Learning With a Smile: Human Services

In this lesson students will discover how they can combine and apply the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) they are learning in the...

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Empowering Your Job Skills

September 21, 12 // Practicum in Human Services

Oftentimes getting the job is much harder than doing the job; however, with a little knowledge, some preparation, and a few interviewing skills, getting...

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Show Yourself Off: Write a Résumé!

December 16, 11 // Practicum in Human Services

A well written Résumé is ONE essential element of a PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO. This Résumé lesson can be used in all Human Services courses as...

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End of Course Project Options- Practicum in Human Services

This lesson will provide End of Course Project Options for students enrolled in Practicum in Human Services.

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