§130.251 Introduction to Cosmetology

Introduction to Cosmetology Overview :

Introduction to Cosmetology Assessment Questions

*Math* *Human Services - Introduction to Cosmetology* *Math Assessment Problems* Introduction to Cosmetology Multiple Choice Math Problems *Social Studies* *Human Services - Introduction to Cosmetology* *Social Studies Assessment Questions* Introduction to Cosmetology Social Studies Assessment Questions *Science* *Human Services - Introduction...

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Introduction to Cosmetology Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: *All TEKS Overview* * *Introductory Lesson: Introduction to Cosmetology* *I. Orientation* *_A. TDLR requirements for student permits_* *_B. Licensing requirements_* *_C....

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Introduction to Cosmetology : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Introductory Lesson: Introduction to Cosmetology

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the course Introduction to Cosmetology. Students will identify this course as...

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Principles of Infection Control

January 27, 15 // Introduction to Cosmetology

Learning about what can cause infections in a salon is very important for the health and safety of both the client and the cosmetologist....

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Ethics and the Work Environment – Introduction to Cosmetology

There may be many different types of individuals who will walk through the door of a salon or spa. These individuals will be your...

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Welcome to the World of Cosmetology

When you begin your courses in Cosmetology you are beginning a journey that will change your life, but that’s just the first beginning. Once...

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Exploring Careers in Cosmetology

December 30, 13 // Introduction to Cosmetology

What career do you see in your future? What education do you need for this career? How much money will you make? What skills...

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The Importance of Effective Communication

Communication is the first step in developing a relationship with your clients. In order to build positive relationships with your clients you must not...

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Past, Present, and Future

November 22, 11 // Introduction to Cosmetology

Becoming aware of the history of cosmetology will help students understand current trends and plan for a successful future. Students must set and understand...

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End of Course Project Options – Introduction to Cosmetology

October 01, 11 // Introduction to Cosmetology

This lesson will provide the instructor with *End of Course Project Options* for students enrolled in Introduction to Cosmetology.

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