§130.253 Cosmetology II

Cosmetology II Overview :

Cosmetology II Assessment Questions

*Math* *Principles of Human Services - Cosmetology II* *Math Assessment Questions* *Cosmetology II Multiple Choice Math Assessment Questions* *Social Studies* *Principles of Human Services - Cosmetology II* *Social Studies Assessment Questions* *Cosmetology II Social Studies Assessment Questions* *Science* *Principles of Human...

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Cosmetology II Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: *All TEKS Overview* * *Introductory Lesson: Cosmetology II* *I. Safety and Regulations* *_A. Safety and sanitation_* *_B. TDLR laws and...

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Cosmetology II : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Introductory Lesson: Cosmetology II

August 20, 15 // Cosmetology II

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the course Cosmetology II. Students will identify this course as part...

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A Business Plan for Salon Ownership

May 28, 15 // Cosmetology II

Would you like to be your own boss as a cosmetologist? Several options are available from renting a chair at a salon, to managing...

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Preventing Infections in the Salon Environment

February 27, 15 // Cosmetology I, Cosmetology II

(Revision) Have you ever been in a salon that did not look clean? Did it make you feel as though you wanted to walk out...

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Ethical Standards in Cosmetology II

August 26, 14 // Cosmetology II

As a cosmetologist, it is imperative to have a strong code of ethics. Having a strong code of ethics involves being a professional with...

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The Chemistry of Hair Relaxing

May 30, 14 // Cosmetology II

Cosmetologists who are skilled in art of chemical hair relaxing are in great demand today. Chemical hair relaxing is used for clients of...

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Client Consultation

March 19, 14 // Cosmetology II

Have you ever gotten your hair cut, styled or colored at a salon and when you left, you were not happy with it? ...

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Client Follow-up

March 19, 14 // Cosmetology II

What happens when the client service is over? What steps should you take? Did you assure your client was satisfied and record...

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Evaluating Salon Marketing Techniques

February 25, 14 // Cosmetology II

Building a clientele for your salon can be challenging. Knowing how to make a simple flyer advertising your services is an easy, low-cost marketing...

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Show Yourself Off: Write a Résumé!

April 11, 12 // Cosmetology II

A well written Résumé is ONE essential element of a PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO. This Résumé lesson can be used in all Cosmetology courses as an...

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End of Course Project Options – Cosmetology II

April 10, 12 // Cosmetology II

This lesson will provide *End of Course Project Options* for students enrolled in Cosmetology II.

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