§130.252 Cosmetology I

Cosmetology I Overview :

Students coordinate integration of academic, career, and technical knowledge and skills in this laboratory instructional sequence course designed to provide job-specific training for employment in cosmetology careers. Instruction includes sterilization and sanitation procedures, hair care, nail care, and skin care and meets the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations requirements for licensure upon passing the state examination. Analysis of career opportunities, requirements, expectations, and development of workplace skills are included.

Cosmetology I Assessment Questions

Math Principles of Human Services – Cosmetology I Math Assessment Problems Cosmetology I Multiple Choice Math Problems Social Studies Principles of Human Services – Cosmetology I Social Studies Assessment Questions Cosmetology I Social Studies...

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Cosmetology I Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: All TEKS Overview Introductory Lesson: Cosmetology I I. Orientation A. Acronyms used in the industry B....

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Cosmetology I : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Introductory Lesson: Cosmetology I

August 20, 15 // Cosmetology I

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the course Cosmetology I. Students will identify this course as part of...

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Preventing Infections in the Salon Environment

February 27, 15 // Cosmetology I, Cosmetology II

(Revision) Have you ever been in a salon that did not look clean? Did it make you feel as though you wanted to walk...

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45° or Graduated Bob Haircut

October 24, 14 // Cosmetology I

Vidal Sassoon’s 1960’s revolution of style changed the way women styled their hair. From weekly big hair style-outs to every day wash and wear,...

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Advanced Clipper Cutting for Men

August 31, 14 // Cosmetology I

There’s nothing like a fresh hair cut to make you feel like a new person, and for men with shorter hairstyles those moments occur...

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Finger Wave Hair Style

April 28, 14 // Cosmetology I

Finger waves have been a part of our hair fashion for many years. As the times change with our society, the trends will change...

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Ethical Standards in Cosmetology

February 07, 14 // Cosmetology I

As you start a career as a cosmetologist, it is imperative to have a strong code of ethics. Having a strong code of ethics...

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0˚ Haircut

November 21, 13 // Cosmetology I

Have you ever walked by a picture hanging on the wall and it was crooked? Did you have the urge to straighten it? You...

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Be Visually Aware – Nail Diseases and Disorders

October 17, 13 // Cosmetology I

Have you ever noticed that everyone’s hands and nails look different? Sometimes you may see different types of nail disorders. You can treat nail...

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Shampooing and Conditioning

June 25, 13 // Cosmetology I

Don’t you just love the feel of having your hair shampooed and conditioned at a salon? It’s such a treat! Do you ever wonder...

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End of Course Project Options – Cosmetology I

May 01, 12 // Cosmetology I

This lesson will provide End of Course Project Options for students enrolled in Cosmetology I.

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