§130.224 Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management Overview :

Restaurant Management Assessment Problems

*100 Restaurant Management Sample Assessment Questions* Sample Assessment Questions *Math* *Hospitality and Tourism Restaurant Management* *Multiple Choice Math Assessment Problems* *Hospitality and Tourism Restaurant Management Math Assessment Problems* *Social Studies* *Multiple Choice Social Studies Assessment Questions* *Restaurant Management* *SS...

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Restaurant Management Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: *All TEKS Overview* * *Introductory Lesson: Restaurant Management* *I. Restaurant Industry Overview* *_A. History of restaurant_* *_B. Types of restaurants_* *_C....

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Restaurant Management : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Restaurant Shark Tank Project

December 08, 15 // Restaurant Management

Do you have a restaurant concept or product you think will make millions? Can you figure the cost, revenue and profits for this item?...

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Introductory Lesson: Restaurant Management

August 20, 15 // Restaurant Management

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the Restaurant Management course. I will introduce you to the world of...

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Math + Science = Quality Food

July 18, 15 // Restaurant Management

Math and science in the foodservice industry?! To be able to provide quality food consistently, establishements must use math and science in their baking...

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Point-of-Sale Systems in the Foodservice Industry

The point-of-sale systems used in most restaurants has improved the communication with the kitchen and the management of the food products. It is able...

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Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant

March 30, 15 // Restaurant Management

You would like to open a restaurant but are not sure where to locate it, what customers you would serve or who your competitors...

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How May I Help You? Communication and Telephone Strategies

December 02, 14 // Restaurant Management

Communication is one of the most important skills in work and in life. These skills will enable you to work with customers, co-workers and...

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Count It Out! Change Makes Cents

In this digital and computer age, many cash registers or Point of Sales (POS) terminals display the change due to the customer. As a...

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Back to the Future – An Introduction to Sustainability in Food Service

Current trends in the food service industry support communities. Gaining awareness of the importance of sustainability practices will allow students to understand business policies...

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Get That Job! Résumés, Portfolios and Interview Skills

May 22, 14 // Restaurant Management

Are you ready for employment? Do you want to get a job? This lesson will introduce you to skills needed for today's job market...

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The Balancing Act: Managing a Career and Family – Restaurant Management

February 17, 14 // Restaurant Management

One of the challenges in life is balancing work, family, hobbies and other activities we like to do. The demands of a job...

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Front of the House: Leadership and Teamwork

December 30, 13 // Restaurant Management

All businesses need good leaders and employees who can work as a team. Understanding how to resolve conflicts in the workplace will make the...

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Customer Service – The Cornerstone of Restaurant Operations

December 13, 13 // Restaurant Management

Have you been to a business that has poor customer service? How did you feel? What did you do? This lesson will help you...

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What Would You Do? Ethics in Restaurant Management

June 18, 13 // Restaurant Management

It is essential to know the laws and regulations for the foodservice industry to be able to comply with the legal responsibilities. Making the...

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Food Safety and Sanitation Guidelines – Restaurant Management

November 13, 12 // Restaurant Management

This course is preparing you to be "job ready," therefore we will be learning and following industry standards/food service regulations. Safety and Sanitation are...

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Careers in the Restaurant Industry: Connecting Education and Employment

June 13, 12 // Restaurant Management

(Updated 12/12/2013) Whether eating out or buying carry-out, Americans are consuming more and more of their calories from full-service and fast-food restaurants. What...

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Setting Tables with Service and Style

April 11, 12 // Restaurant Management

(Updated 11/26/2013) Learning and practicing service skills (how to greet and serve customers), as well as table setting knowledge and knowing how to create...

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End of Course Project Options – Restaurant Management

August 11, 11 // Restaurant Management

This lesson will provide *End of Course Project Options* for students enrolled in Restaurant Management.

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