§130.223 Hotel Management

Hotel Management Overview :

Hotel Management Assessment Questions

*100 Sample Assessment Questions* Sample Assessment Questions for Hotel Management *Math* *Hospitality and Tourism - Hotel Management* *Multiple Choice Math Assessment Problems* *Hospitality and Tourism Hotel Management Math Assessment Problems* *Social Studies* *Multiple Choice Social Studies Assessment Questions* *Hotel...

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Hotel Management Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: *All TEKS Overview* * *Introductory Lesson: Hotel Management* *I. Leadership* *_A. Personal success_* *_B. Personal time management_* *_C. Effective team building...

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Hotel Management : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Introductory Lesson: Hotel Management

August 20, 15 // Hotel Management

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the Hotel Management course. I will introduce you to the world of...

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In the Balance

August 19, 14 // Hotel Management

Our lives are very busy today. As we get older and begin our careers and eventually have a family, our lives will get even...

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Let’s Talk It Over – Telecommunication

July 25, 14 // Hotel Management

Communication is changing quickly. It is different today from only 15 years ago and rapidly developing technology is making that happen. Is telecommunication the...

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Let’s Work It Out – Applying Conflict Resolution Skills

June 27, 14 // Hotel Management

Understanding how to resolve conflicts in the workplace will make the work environment a pleasant and enjoyable one to work in. The hotel industry...

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Get That Job! Résumés, Portfolios and Interview Skills

May 19, 14 // Hotel Management

Are you ready for employment? Do you want to get a job? This lesson will introduce you to skills needed for today's job market...

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The Balancing Act: Managing a Career and Family – Hotel Management

February 12, 14 // Hotel Management

One of the challenges in life is balancing work, family, hobbies and other activities we like to do. The demands of a job...

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Guest Services – First Impressions

September 13, 13 // Hotel Management

The hospitality industry is all about service to guests. Making sure the guest is satisfied is often the most important aspect of ensuring your...

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Show Me the Money! Budgeting and Forecasting Revenues

June 20, 13 // Hotel Management

Today's world is very competitive and most hotels have to manage their business very closely in order to make it a success. Part of...

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What Would You Do? Ethics in Hotel Management

June 18, 13 // Hotel Management

It is essential to know the laws and regulations for the hotel industry to be able to comply with the legal responsibilities. Making the...

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Safety and Sanitation Guidelines – Hotel Management

May 17, 13 // Hotel Management

This course is preparing you to be "job ready," therefore we will be learning and following industry standards/food service regulations. Safety and Sanitation are...

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Leadership with Style

April 10, 13 // Hotel Management

This lesson will look at the role of hospitality management. We will examine the responsibilities and tasks for the general manager and management staff...

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Careers in Hotel Management

February 07, 13 // Hotel Management

What career do you see in your future? What education do you need for this career? How much money will you make? ...

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Hotel Technology Tools and Website Design Challenge

January 31, 13 // Hotel Management

This lesson is going to explore the information technology tools specific to hotel management. In today's environment, almost all businesses need information technology tools...

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Hotel Marketing and Communication: The Cornerstones

December 12, 12 // Hotel Management

What would happen if you opened a business and didn't have any products that people wanted to buy? How do you know what people...

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Working Together: Hotel Departments

November 20, 12 // Hotel Management

This lesson will focus on ten departments within lodging properties and the differences between them. This information will allow you to identify career opportunities...

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Types of Lodging Properties

January 30, 12 // Hotel Management

Understanding the differences between the types of lodging properties will assist students in identifying hospitality career opportunities that most interest them. Knowing the differences...

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Hotel Management and Ownership

December 08, 11 // Hotel Management

Sometimes it's difficult to know who owns a hotel property. While the hotel manager may be visible to the guests, the hotel owner may...

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End of Course Project Options – Hotel Management

December 05, 11 // Hotel Management

This lesson will provide *End of Course Project Options* for students enrolled in Hotel Management.

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