§130.228 Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services Overview :

Hospitality Services Assessment Questions

*100 Sample Assessment Questions for Hospitality Services* have been developed to assist you in preparing pre and post tests, quizzes and end of course assessment tools. *Math* *Hospitality and Tourism Hospitality Services* *Multiple Choice Math...

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Hospitality Services Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: *All TEKS Overview* * *Introductory Lesson: Hospitality Services* *I. World of Hospitality* *_A. What is hospitality?_* *_B. Role of travel_* *_C....

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Hospitality Services : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Hospitality Services: Professional Customer Service

September 30, 15 // Hospitality Services

Every industry has their own technical vocabulary, it is how they operate under common context. The hospitality industry thrives on providing good customer...

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Introductory Lesson: Hospitality Services

August 20, 15 // Hospitality Services

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the Hospitality Services course. I will introduce you to the world of...

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

July 13, 15 // Hospitality Services

Global travel continues to be increasingly popular. It is important to identify various cultural customs and practices in order to provide informed travel plans...

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Take a Byte: Technology in the Hospitality Services Industry (focus on hotel industry)

July 13, 15 // Hospitality Services

Technology is here to stay, and it is ever changing. Consumers’ lives usually revolve around some type of technology; laptop, smart phone, tablet....

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Marketing Techniques for the Hospitality Industry

April 14, 15 // Hospitality Services

The hospitality industry's main product is service. Marketing service to customers requires a market research and focusing on a target market to begin developing...

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Dining Experiences in Hospitality

March 06, 15 // Hospitality Services

Everyone enjoys dining out; however, some dining experiences are more enjoyable than others. What elements provide the most guest satisfaction? Is it the ambiance?...

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Be Our Guest! Customer Service Skills

September 29, 14 // Hospitality Services

The hospitality industry depends on customers and the success of the businesses depends on return customers. For this reason, quality customer service is...

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Let’s Work It Out – Applying Conflict Resolution Skills

July 22, 14 // Hospitality Services

Understanding how to resolve conflicts in the workplace will make the work environment a pleasant and enjoyable one to work in. The hospitality industry...

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Get That Job! Résumés, Portfolios and Interview Skills

May 22, 14 // Hospitality Services

Are you ready for employment? Do you want to get a job? This lesson will introduce you to skills needed for today's job market...

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What Would You Do? Ethics in Hospitality Services

June 18, 13 // Hospitality Services

It is essential to know the laws and regulations for the hospitality industry to be able to comply with the legal responsibilities. Making the...

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Safety and Sanitation Guidelines – Hospitality Services

May 24, 13 // Hospitality Services

This course is preparing you to be "job ready," therefore we will be learning and following industry standards/food service regulations. Safety and Sanitation are...

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Careers in Hospitality Services

April 19, 13 // Hospitality Services

What career do you see in your future? What education do you need for this career? How much money will you make? ...

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End of Course Project Options – Hospitality Services

May 01, 12 // Hospitality Services

This lesson will provide *End of Course Project Options* for students enrolled in Hospitality Services.

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