§130.226 Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Overview :

Culinary Arts begins with the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking and the science of baking and includes management and production skills and techniques. Students can pursue a national sanitation certification, a Texas culinary specialist certification, or any other appropriate industry certification. This course may be offered as a laboratory-based or internship course. Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations.

Culinary Arts Assessment Questions

Assessment Questions for Math, Social Studies and Writing Prompts for Hospitality Services. Coming soon – Science Assessment Questions and Sample Assessment Questions. Math Hospitality and Tourism Culinary Arts Multiple Choice Math Assessment Problems Hospitality...

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Culinary Arts Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: All TEKS Overview Introductory Lesson: Culinary Arts I. History (6) The student understands the history of...

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Culinary Arts : Lesson Plans for Classrooms