§130.226 Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Overview :

Culinary Arts begins with the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking and the science of baking and includes management and production skills and techniques. Students can pursue a national sanitation certification, a Texas culinary specialist certification, or any other appropriate industry certification. This course may be offered as a laboratory-based or internship course. Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations.

Culinary Arts Assessment Questions

100 Assessment Questions for Culinary Arts have been developed to assist you as you prepare pre and post tests, quizzes and end of course assessment tools. Math Hospitality and Tourism Culinary Arts Multiple Choice...

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Culinary Arts Course Outline

The lessons in this course may be used in any sequence. The suggested sequence order is as follows: All TEKS Overview Introductory Lesson: Culinary Arts I. History A. Research famous chefs B. Entrepreneurial influence...

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Culinary Arts : Lesson Plans for Classrooms

Introductory Lesson: Culinary Arts

September 10, 14 // Culinary Arts

The purpose of this lesson is to serve as an introduction to the Culinary Arts course. I will introduce you to the world of...

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Where Shall We Eat? Culinary Dining Concepts

August 30, 14 // Culinary Arts

Where do you like to eat? Do you have a favorite restaurant? What type of venue is it? Exploring various dining concepts and types...

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Back to the Future – An Introduction to Sustainability in Food Service

Current trends in the food service industry support communities. Gaining awareness of the importance of sustainability practices will allow students to understand business policies...

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Global Cultures and International Cuisines

May 27, 14 // Culinary Arts

One of the most endearing parts of the Culinary Arts course is a notion that food is worth a lot more than what you...

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Get That Job! Résumés, Portfolios and Interview Skills

May 22, 14 // Culinary Arts

Are you ready for employment? Do you want to get a job? This lesson will introduce you to skills needed for today's job market...

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The Balancing Act: Managing a Career and Family

February 03, 14 // Culinary Arts

One of the challenges in life is balancing work, family, hobbies and other activities we like to do. The demands of a job...

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Current Trends in the Food Industry: Gluten-Free

January 31, 14 // Culinary Arts

Have you ever wondered what the term gluten-free is? Why are restaurants adding gluten free foods to their menus? We seem to hear the...

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What Would You Do? Ethics in Culinary Arts

June 18, 13 // Culinary Arts

It is essential to know the laws and regulations for the foodservice industry to be able to comply with the legal responsibilities. Making the...

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Careers in Culinary Arts: Connecting Skills, Techniques, and Employment

November 10, 12 // Culinary Arts

What career do you see in your future? What education do you need for this career? How much money will you make? ...

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Food Safety and Sanitation Guidelines- Culinary Arts

October 22, 12 // Culinary Arts

This course is preparing you to be "job ready," therefore we will be learning and following industry standards/food service regulations. Safety and Sanitation are...

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Classroom Cupcake Wars Competition

April 04, 12 // Culinary Arts

Revised 5/10/2012 - Who likes cupcakes? Who likes a friendly competition? Combined you have the elements for an exciting educational Classroom Cupcake War! This...

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Famous Chefs and Entrepreneurs in the Food Service Industry

April 02, 12 // Culinary Arts

Our interest in food, pastry, and culinary arts has expanded. Proof of this is the number of new cable/television networks devoted to the topic...

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Are You a Cook or a Culinarian?

January 26, 12 // Culinary Arts

How amazing would it be if there was a recipe that would make you a successful culinary professional? Basic ingredients might include: knowledge,...

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Recipe for Success: Breaking Down a Recipe

January 11, 12 // Culinary Arts

Learning to break down and organize a recipe will help you generate a consistent product, use time wisely and reduce the risk for accidents.

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End of Course Project Options – Culinary Arts

January 10, 12 // Culinary Arts

This lesson will provide *End of Course Project Options* for students enrolled in Culinary Arts.

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