Myths and Facts about Student Industry Certification and Licensure

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  1. sdelgado says:

    TEA does not have a “complete” list of approved or recognized certifications or licensures.

    You can find a list of a few certifications that some districts offer to their students on the PER 2012-2013 Carl D. Perkins Program Effectiveness Report (PER)(PDF, 200KB). The PER certifications meet the Perkins definition of industry recognized, end-of-program, and available and appropriate for secondary. Districts should not use the PER exam list to drive course offerings or make purchasing decisions.

    There may be other certifications that are available and appropriate for secondary that are not listed on the PER. TEA encourages districts to offer students the opportunity to earn any certification or licensure that has benefit and value to students, and that makes sense for the district and its programs.

    I hope this information is helpful.