Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park

If you are looking for a service learning project for your students, this information is for you. Students may be able to teach elementary students the curriculum by contacting administration for permission to present valuable information. There’s even an iPad App!

Perfect Picnic

The Partnership for Food Safety Education is pleased to release Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park – the newest curriculum package for children ages 8-11!

On this page you will find the Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park educator’s guide that includes information on how the curricula meets standards, two simple kids’ activities, a Ten Least Wanted mini poster, and a Powerpoint quiz. Everything you need to give elementary students and their families a start on summer food safety!

This downloadable program supplements the original Fight BAC!® Your Game Plan curricula for educators.

Also, check out the new flyer for summer food safety, Food Safety on the Move.

Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park

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